This weekend was the official US Open of Surfing 2010 competition in Huntington Beach presented by Hurley, etc.  I was sporting my US Open tank top all weekend.  Which is so cute, by the way, instead of the usual boring tee shirts available.

We rode our bikes downtown to the madness.  Main Street was absolutely packed. The sidewalks were crammed with people and we were elbowing our way through the masses.  We skedaddled to The Strand part of HB where it was closed off to cars and a little less crowded.  We watched a little bit of the skateboarders down on the beach and looked out at the beautiful blue ocean.

That morning I did a little shopping at H&M and bought this sheer oversize maroon tank for $5.75!  I love it! So perfect for any season!

My new glow in the dark Havaianas flip flops! I will definitely be wearing these in Vegas next week.  Oh yes, did I mention?  I am going to Las Vegas next week!!!

Getting the BBQ all ready for dinner!

Our festive table and my daddy getting ready to grill us some deelish steaks.



One thought on “US OPEN OF SURFING

  1. Looks like you had a good time.

    I love those glow in the dark flip flops!!! I need some of those. I also love some of your favorite places. Tokyo is still on my to do list. But I will return to Paris later this month. yay.

    Enjoy Las Vegas. Whenever I go there I never want to go back home to reality 🙂

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