This is one of the shirts I got from Japan.  It is very girlie and has little flowers on the puffy sleeves.  The style there is always very conservative, innocent, and sweet.  Unless you’re a rebel, then you wear what you want.

I wore this to work all day.  I had to add the pearls because this shirt is so busy up top but boring down the front.

At nighttime I went out to dinner with Britt to BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery in Huntington Beach and I had to wear my new skirt and Steve Madden sandals.  What do you think of my shoes?  I got them at DSW for like 70% off the retail price. So good!  I looked online for days for them and couldn’t find anything so I had to settle for the 8 1/2 at DSW.

I really need to get some detailed pics up on here.  But I don’t have a very professional camera or a nice bright space to take pics.  I’ll work on it.  :/


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