“Disasteroid” Music Video Madness

Yesterday we finished filming the masquerade scene for the “Disasteroid” music video in Hollywood, CA.  I could do this job every day, I had so much fun!  I was dressed in an authentic 17th century Victorian costume including undergarments, corset, etc.  It was exquisite!  I tried to pick a few pictures but there are too many to choose from.

For our scene we were sitting at a long dining table complete with red chandelier and gold trimmed china plates.  Jordan also picked out eclairs and tartes and cakes from Bottega Louis in Downtown LA which we were supposed to stuff our faces with, which wasn’t hard at all!

Makeup and 1st 4 layers of the outfit

Corset lacing

Wig, makeup, and full costume  🙂

Mikael, pictured here, made this entire beautiful outfit

On set

Greeting drag queen Tootie during filming.  Who was the actual queen of the party as well.  :p

On the monitor

SO amazing.  Thank you, thank you Jordan for casting me in this music video!!! ❤

All the photos can be seen here taken by the sexy Michael Solomon: http://www.flickr.com/photos/45734039@N05/sets/72157624843127436/



Malibu Music Video

I finally gave in to the camo craze!  How’s my outfit lookin’?  This week I bought two pairs of new black knit pants at Charlotte Russe and they are so awesome.  They go with anything!  Perfect for back to school! :/

This weekend was spent filming the band Friend Slash Lover’s music video in Malibu, CA.  Their song is called “Disasteroid” which I have added to the end of my post.  It’ll get stuck in your head.

I had such a blast being in the video it was so much fun.  Jordan Katnik directed the video, designed all aspects, and thought of all the concepts.  I can’t imagine the work involved.  He is so creative!

Well, I had to take advantage of the beautiful cliffs overlooking the beach in Malibu before our shoot.  This is early Friday morning at El Matador State Beach.  The whole day was terribly foggy.

I LOVE these camouflage rhinestone flats I got at Charlotte Russe for $10!!

Vintage men’s watch

Jacket-Charlotte Russe, Knit pants-Charlotte Russe, Shoes- Charlotte Russe

Disasteroid -Song


Black and white and tan all over

My boyfriend is telling me to go to bed…so real quick, here are my pics from today!

I went to work and then my friend Kara’s going away party.  She is studying abroad in Italy for this semester.  So lucky!!  Tres jalouse!  You can follow her sexy Italian men, I mean adventures, here: http://karasitalianadventure.blogspot.com/

Dress- f21, Purse-Japan, Shoes-Old Navy, Watches-Vintage


Working in Patterns

Went to work today and wore this outfit. I bought the shirt in Japan while I was there visiting my sister for five days.  She is finally back home and sleeping off the jet lag.  She caught the same weird cold both my dad and I got, or maybe she gave it to us.  I don’t know, but it was death.  I love the little triangles of this shirt.  It is just colorful enough, but not too 80s.


City of Lights and Heat

WOW! The Beatles Cirque du Soleil LOVE theater at the Mirage hotel is so bright and beautiful we couldn’t resist taking pictures! I bought a tee shirt from the gift shop for $32 😦  So expensive but it is something you can’t get anywhere else!  (Except maybe ebay).  :p  I’m excited to wear it to school.  It has the LOVE logo and its gray and black.

They were playing Beatles music of course…I had to dance too!

Official Asian nap spot.  🙂

Really cool night shots by Michael Solomon 🙂


Vegas Shopping=Expensive

Fiona finally came home today from Japan!  She was gone a total of three months but it feels like she never left.  Time is a very strange thing.

Some photos of us shopping, walking, and talking in Las Vegas.

Still feeling uncertain of school, near future, everything.  It’s okay though, I’m going zip-lining in Catalina Island on Wednesday!  So excited!

Ugh this lighting is horrific!  And my hair is greasy….


And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make

The brilliant Cirque artists are at it again!  We went to see LOVE at the Mirage in Las Vegas and it was amazing!!! The show was beautiful, wild, and sad.  Surprisingly they chose to do mostly dance instead of their crazy acrobatics which was kind of a strange choice.  But The Beatles music made it that much better and it was really cool to be there.  We thought they should have told us to take some serious hallucinogenics to really enjoy it, but nevertheless, it made me cry!  At the end the artists gesture to the huge curtains where John, Paul, Ringo, and George’s faces are and it was so sad!  They are such a legendary band and you really feel like they are there performing for you.  Peace and love!