Today my lover Michael and I went on a little excursion to Downtown LA.  And by Downtown LA, with all due respect, we mean little Mexico.

In the Fashion District we found Santee Alley, a little part of Downtown LA known for really cheap goods, purses, and food.  They have amazing street carts (which were recently outlawed in LA, not really sure what that whole story is) full of bacon wrapped hot dogs.  You need just $3.00 to purchase one of these scrumptious items. (Plus $4.00 for parking, $3.00 for a second hot dog, and $2.00 for water or suggary drink).

The afternoon ended up being very enjoyable as we walked around and looked at all the purses and accessories for sale.

We also bought chocolate and marzipan pastries from the bakery downtown called Hygge on Hope and 11th.  Michael’s cousin Jordan turned us onto it and you can follow him on Twitter @katfam.



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