I love living in California!  Today we had beautiful, hot weather.  However, I was inside all day working.  😦  Oh well, I made some money that I am greatly in need of.  Here is my outfit of the day:

I had to wear something light and airy because it was so warm out.  I chose my ANGL striped tank top with forever21 flowered skirt.  It was the perfect combo of classic black and white and girlie.

I am also wearing my sister’s vintage sunglasses that I have taken over.  When you are in Japan for three months: finders keepers!

My cat always seems to want to be in every picture hahahaha.

Action shot!

Tomorrow I have to wake up at 5:00 in the morning for a desert movie shoot.  We are filming at the site where Iron Man was filmed.  Should be awesome!  I think 5am is way too early for me but that’s okay.  No pain, no gain!

And lastly, I think the fire hydrant looks more like the model in this pic.  I will try and post pics of the making of Baker.  Hopefully my dear friend and amazing writer/directer/cinematographer/producer/costume designer will let me post photos.  🙂



2 thoughts on “FLORAL PARADISE

  1. Cathy Beasley

    Haha, of course you can post pictures!! I think you are AMAZING!!! Love ya!! =)

    And please keep writing! I love your blog!

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