Well I have a new internship for the summer.  NEWSFLASH: I am now blogging about celebrity fashion and gossip on Flashcity.com.  Go ahead and check it out.  We have some very exclusive pictures only our paparazzi photogs get, and I get to write about.  Pretty nifty.

This was my outfit for my first day of work today!!  It was so freakin hot out in LA that I couldn’t resist wearing my khaki colored shorts and geometrical patterned dress, both from forever21.

The other night Brittany and I went shopping at H&M at South Coast Plaza and found absolutely nothing good.  Maybe it was our mindset focused on trying to save money or something…  But even at $7 price points, I didn’t come away with one single item.  Interesting…  Anyways, I will try again in Japan for sure!

To add to the heat and pollution of LA, Michael decided to grill us up some nice, meaty steaks for dinner.  They tasted amazing.  I’m so proud of Michael’s cooking skills.  They are certainly superior to mine!  But at least I can bake.  Sigh of relief!

I am just TOO happy the sun finally came out.  I think I might go to the beach tomorrow.  That or Zumba class.  Hmm, lay around or work out…  Very tough decisions here.



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