A very happy Monday to everyone!  This weather is unbelievable.  It is July, the middle of July, and I am wearing jeans and a sweater!  This is unheard of in Huntington Beach and I want the sun back.  The June gloom has really overstayed its welcome.  Seriously.  Therefore, I had to go with a conservative pants, sweater, shirt.

I wore my new forever21 polka dot shirt with my turquoise necklace.  My shirt was on sale for $9 and the necklace is real turquoise.

Michael was really excited to take part in my photo shoot and couldn’t resist hogging the camera.  :p  Just joking, he hates pictures!  Strange person…I can’t imagine!

Silly Michael and his bare feet.  We had a wonderful day eating too much food, which I deeply regret now!  We started the day with a late Ihop brunch and then headed to the movie theater for a 3D showing of Despicable Me.  We loved the movie and I would definitely see it again.  But of course, Michael and I are huge Steve Carell fans, so we might be biased.  The movie was great and hysterically funny.

After the movie my dad and I went out for an early dinner at King’s Fish House in Huntington Beach.  Boy was I stuffed!  We had artichokes and dip, Parmesan crusted sand dabs, and creme brulee.  Grand total: $80.  Wheew!  I am so lucky to have such wonderful, fun, and generous people in my life.  🙂



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