Today I am off to my boyfriend’s cousin’s baby shower held at my boyfriend’s parents’ house.  whew!  That’s a lot of relationships.  I hear there will be amazing food, games, and cake.  The new baby is a girl and her name will be Caroline.   Michael’s mom bought this adorable dress for me at No Rest For Bridgette and it was on sale!!!  It’s so cute.  I am obsessed with the shoe pattern!  Yes, I am going to wear this summer dress even though the weather out today in Southern California in July is shitty.  To be precise: a cloudy 62 degrees.  I am so jealous of the rest of the country enjoying gorgeous, sweltering summer heat!

My Purrky is so beautiful and shmart.

I just wish it was nicer weather today and it would be perfect.  I’m looking forward to spending the day with my boyfriend and the rest of the family.  What do you think of my outfit?


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