Happy 4th of July America!  This blue and white striped stretch dress from forever 21 was my outfit of choice for the day, although I changed many times.  I was so excited to wear my red star bandanna.

All my friends met me at the parade.  The day before out neighbors had gone out at 4:00am to stake out a huge area for us to sit!  They are so nice.

My daddy and I had such a fun weekend!  He bought this tee on the 4th made by a local HB designer to celebrate!

After meeting friends at the parade we headed back over to our house to join the huge block party!  Our house is total party central and everyone gathered pretty much in our backyard. We ate so much food.  My dad made his famous seven layer party dip and I made cherry chip cupcakes!  Both were a huge hit (even though I think I ate most of my cupcakes).

My lovely Michael stuffing his face with bbq goodies, what he does best.

Playing with puppies at the party!

Main St. in Huntington Beach was pretty crazy!  Sometimes it feels like everyone in the state meets in Huntington for the 4th!  The beach was packed and the weather was warm! Couldn’t ask for more really.

Me and beautiful Brittany at the beach!

And Michael lovin his hat!  After the parade, bbq, food, and DRINKS, Michael and I biked down to the beach to watch the fireworks.  It was so beautiful!  We lay down on the sand and watched the fireworks explode right above us.  It was magical.  🙂 Can’t wait till next year!


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