I’m very excited to have new sexy hair!  I got so bored of having no bangs and just wanted something fun again for summer!  I cannot try and be boring just because its “in” (i dunno all the celebs have middle parts) so i thought i should!

Brittany and I ventured out after long days at work to Cherry on Top in Huntington Beach and got lots of stares :/  We both have NEW bright blonde hair lol.

We had a pretty laid back but awesome night consisting of yogurt, pizza, chatting, and laughing.  :p

OMG so good but so bad.  They should name these Cheesy Greasy Sticks instead of Cheesy Garleezy Sticks.  om nom nom.

English black licorice candies.

Now I’m trying to decide what to wear for the 4th of July weekend!  I’m anticipating a very fun-filled event! 🙂

Love this Madonna song.


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