Today my lover Michael and I went on a little excursion to Downtown LA.  And by Downtown LA, with all due respect, we mean little Mexico.

In the Fashion District we found Santee Alley, a little part of Downtown LA known for really cheap goods, purses, and food.  They have amazing street carts (which were recently outlawed in LA, not really sure what that whole story is) full of bacon wrapped hot dogs.  You need just $3.00 to purchase one of these scrumptious items. (Plus $4.00 for parking, $3.00 for a second hot dog, and $2.00 for water or suggary drink).

The afternoon ended up being very enjoyable as we walked around and looked at all the purses and accessories for sale.

We also bought chocolate and marzipan pastries from the bakery downtown called Hygge on Hope and 11th.  Michael’s cousin Jordan turned us onto it and you can follow him on Twitter @katfam.




Happy Tuesday!  This weekend I spent the day with my dad going to the beach and making food.

I wore a simple black tank, vintage pink patterned skirt, my gladiators, and a belt that I bought from FIDM for $2.00.

My dad and I biked down to the beach but it was SO cloudy that it was pointless to even stay.  I had planned a wonderful, warm afternoon at the beach, but no such thing transpired.  I was so disappointed.

However, my dad and I headed over to Fred’s Mexican food restaurant overlooking Main St. and got us both some very needed strawberry margaritas.

I decided to make some Funfetti cookies with frosting and sprinkles.  They turned out okay, but not the most amazing tasting cookies I’ve ever had.

My daddy in his newly painted kitchen making us some dinner.  He made Chili Relleno with pork, salsa, sour cream, and tortilla chips.  It was so flavorful and delicious!



Yesterday I had to wake up at 5:15 in the morning and get all beautiful for our long day of filming.  We are working on Cathy’s film titled “Baker” about some seriously cool female bad-asses living in the middle of nowhere.  Cathy, our wonderful director, picked me up and we stopped to get Starbucks on the way.  Rosamond, CA is about 2 hours away from Huntington Beach and it was definitely a looong drive.

We started filming on location at this 1920s gold mining operation that is now just used for film sets.  It was a cool 108 degrees all day.  We were sweltering!

But we still managed to look awesome action star sexy.

After the bad-ass fight scene we drove a few miles farther into the middle of nowhere to a funky lookin’ sports bar called Coach’s.  The food was deeeelicious and we tasted the best water and soda we ever had.

Once we were all in a food coma from triple-decker grilled cheese sandwiches, fries, chicken strips, and burgers, we returned to set and filmed another couple of scenes.  Cathy is the nicest director ever and we had such a fun time.

Of course, we had to utilize our amazing location and snap a couple shots of the cool film props he has.  This is an old Pepsi vending machine with another one in the corner that reads: “Be sociable.  Drink a Pepsi.”  I love that.

Stay tuned here for more information about the film, and follow my friend and director/writer on Twitter @KitCatFilms



I love living in California!  Today we had beautiful, hot weather.  However, I was inside all day working.  😦  Oh well, I made some money that I am greatly in need of.  Here is my outfit of the day:

I had to wear something light and airy because it was so warm out.  I chose my ANGL striped tank top with forever21 flowered skirt.  It was the perfect combo of classic black and white and girlie.

I am also wearing my sister’s vintage sunglasses that I have taken over.  When you are in Japan for three months: finders keepers!

My cat always seems to want to be in every picture hahahaha.

Action shot!

Tomorrow I have to wake up at 5:00 in the morning for a desert movie shoot.  We are filming at the site where Iron Man was filmed.  Should be awesome!  I think 5am is way too early for me but that’s okay.  No pain, no gain!

And lastly, I think the fire hydrant looks more like the model in this pic.  I will try and post pics of the making of Baker.  Hopefully my dear friend and amazing writer/directer/cinematographer/producer/costume designer will let me post photos.  🙂



This photo was taken just on the verge of shadow in my humble little Orange County neighborhood.  Earlier today I had been up in LA at my second day on the job blogging for about celebrity fashion and gossip.  My second day was even better than the first!

I don’t know if any of you out there have heard of it, but my job is in the Pacific Design Center on Melrose Ave.  It is that huge blue and green tiled building with the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) shoved in a corner around the back.  Anyways, this building houses the most gorgeous companies including Edelman Leather, The Academy of Couture Art, and many others that I havn’t remembered the names of.  I am so thrilled to be working in this building in one of the most important entertainment, fashion, and design capitals of the world.

As for my outfit today, it was very simple because I had to wake up yet again at 7:45 in the morning to drive to work.  That is really the only part I hate about my internship.  Rush hour traffic, night and day, is painfully torturous.

So I wore my black lace ANGL shorts, American Apparel v-neck tee, forever21 tan sweater, and my vintage elephant necklace.  I love my cat in this picture because she looks so model-esque.  She has the wide eyed, “I’m so great” look that Tyra is always whining for.

Purrky got a little camera shy for this last shot.  🙂  But she makes it look so much funnier.



Well I have a new internship for the summer.  NEWSFLASH: I am now blogging about celebrity fashion and gossip on  Go ahead and check it out.  We have some very exclusive pictures only our paparazzi photogs get, and I get to write about.  Pretty nifty.

This was my outfit for my first day of work today!!  It was so freakin hot out in LA that I couldn’t resist wearing my khaki colored shorts and geometrical patterned dress, both from forever21.

The other night Brittany and I went shopping at H&M at South Coast Plaza and found absolutely nothing good.  Maybe it was our mindset focused on trying to save money or something…  But even at $7 price points, I didn’t come away with one single item.  Interesting…  Anyways, I will try again in Japan for sure!

To add to the heat and pollution of LA, Michael decided to grill us up some nice, meaty steaks for dinner.  They tasted amazing.  I’m so proud of Michael’s cooking skills.  They are certainly superior to mine!  But at least I can bake.  Sigh of relief!

I am just TOO happy the sun finally came out.  I think I might go to the beach tomorrow.  That or Zumba class.  Hmm, lay around or work out…  Very tough decisions here.



A very happy Monday to everyone!  This weather is unbelievable.  It is July, the middle of July, and I am wearing jeans and a sweater!  This is unheard of in Huntington Beach and I want the sun back.  The June gloom has really overstayed its welcome.  Seriously.  Therefore, I had to go with a conservative pants, sweater, shirt.

I wore my new forever21 polka dot shirt with my turquoise necklace.  My shirt was on sale for $9 and the necklace is real turquoise.

Michael was really excited to take part in my photo shoot and couldn’t resist hogging the camera.  :p  Just joking, he hates pictures!  Strange person…I can’t imagine!

Silly Michael and his bare feet.  We had a wonderful day eating too much food, which I deeply regret now!  We started the day with a late Ihop brunch and then headed to the movie theater for a 3D showing of Despicable Me.  We loved the movie and I would definitely see it again.  But of course, Michael and I are huge Steve Carell fans, so we might be biased.  The movie was great and hysterically funny.

After the movie my dad and I went out for an early dinner at King’s Fish House in Huntington Beach.  Boy was I stuffed!  We had artichokes and dip, Parmesan crusted sand dabs, and creme brulee.  Grand total: $80.  Wheew!  I am so lucky to have such wonderful, fun, and generous people in my life.  🙂