Mad About Madonna

After searching fashion sites vehemently I came up with my outfit for the day.  I drew mostly on the 80s rock n roll vibe with the jean western shirt and one feather earring.  Not sure if I got it completely right, but I liked it all the same.  My coworkers certainly gave me a hard time about it, but screw them!  They have no right to criticize and complain about my wardrobe prowess.  If I’m not working, I’m literally spending every waking minute researching fashion or buying fashion.  So ya, I like to believe that I have a smidgen of credibility in my style.

Nevertheless, it was a great day.  I didn’t wear my hat pictured because I was going to work inside, and who wears a hat indoors?…me…sometimes…

If anyone is out there reading my posts…thanks very much! Sorry bout the photo quality, I’ll try and improve that.

I’ve been listening to early Madonna and her Celebration album quite a lot lately and I’m beginning to think she’s influencing my outfit choices everyday.  Thanks, Madge!


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