“LA Grunge”

Just drove home from a Taio Cruz “Dynamite” music video audition in Hollywood.  The audition went well but you never know with these casting people.  They just say “ok freestyle for us,” and you’re like, “Whatt??”  I wore my gold, sparkley dress from Goodwill with black Jessica Simpson heels.  Believe I was channeling some Ke$ha/Paris Hilton with my outfit so hopefully I stuck out, in a good way.

Was a long freakin drive home.  But I stopped at Starbucks on Sunset, so the day was redeemed. Iced Chai Tea Latte FTW.

This outfit is so comfy.  I’m wearing my new lace shorts from ANGL and my black Madden wedges.

Is anyone else not wearing bras anymore?  Not to sound weird…I’ve just moved into bandeau’s 7 days a week.  Or as some people call them: Boob Tubes.  :p


I want to ride my bicycle

After my looong day at work (4 hours), I came home and decided to take a little bike ride around the block.  I think this outfit would look better with my Madden Girl black leather wedges, but I wanted to do my cheetah flats because of the brown belt.  Always gotta match! (or so my mommy tells me)

This evening I had a lovely dinner out at Cheesecake Factory with my boyfriend’s mom.  Without a doubt, we did a little shopping here and there.  I came away with a beautiful pearl and sequined sheer top from ANGL (my new favorite store) and a sale shift dress with a bright shoe print.  I will post both at a later date. 🙂

Shirt: Charlotte Russe jean, Dress: f21, Jewelry: Vintage

Mad About Madonna

After searching fashion sites vehemently I came up with my outfit for the day.  I drew mostly on the 80s rock n roll vibe with the jean western shirt and one feather earring.  Not sure if I got it completely right, but I liked it all the same.  My coworkers certainly gave me a hard time about it, but screw them!  They have no right to criticize and complain about my wardrobe prowess.  If I’m not working, I’m literally spending every waking minute researching fashion or buying fashion.  So ya, I like to believe that I have a smidgen of credibility in my style.

Nevertheless, it was a great day.  I didn’t wear my hat pictured because I was going to work inside, and who wears a hat indoors?…me…sometimes…

If anyone is out there reading my posts…thanks very much! Sorry bout the photo quality, I’ll try and improve that.

I’ve been listening to early Madonna and her Celebration album quite a lot lately and I’m beginning to think she’s influencing my outfit choices everyday.  Thanks, Madge!

Guilty Pleasures

I spent a lovely afternoon outside with my cat Purrky.  My outfit is a little 80s and a little hippie inspired.  My belt and jewelry are Lucky Brand and my grey t shirt is American Apparel.

Today I bought 6 pairs of feather earrings at Charlotte Russe which I am now obsessed with.

In other news, I joined http://www.chictopia.com.  It’s a website where you post 1 or 2 outfits of the day.  It’s a pretty neat site.  Join!

Rock My Sweater

Hell yes!  This website looks awesome!

On rockmysweater.com you can customize your sweater with a guitar, buttons, and fabric.  They give you lots of options and room to be creative!

Here’s the sweater I made:

I’m pretty sure they deliver to the USA which is excellent.  More excellent news: this totally custom sweater is only $42.  whhhhattt!!! Get on that!



Surf City, USA

On such a gorgeous, sunny day, I can’t imagine spending it indoors.  HB Pier with friendsThink I’ll don my black bandeau bikini with gold pyramid studs (Target.com) and head to the beach!  Huntington Beach, CA is famous for its pier, Ruby’s restaurant at the end of the pier, and surfers? Even though surfers have disappeared and 909ers are taking over.

On a side note, I’m hoping that my pyramid studs will come in the mail today so I can start making my own line of shoes! 😉