Announcement on My Agency’s Website



Audition Update and Commercial Info

Amazing news! My agent called me yesterday afternoon and told me I booked the commercial! I cant believe it! This is going to be awesome! I was so sick yesterday, unable to go to work. I laid in bed all day, wallowing in sorrow, throwing up and with a high fever.

When my agent called I was so happy! I actually get paid lots of money! Lord knows I need that. I go to a fitting on the 13th next week and then we shoot on the 15th. This is the first commercial of hopefully many more to come.


Follow this link to watch my commercial on Youtube!!

It was filmed for Jack’s Restaurant and ran for 2 months in Alabama 2010

My First Commercial Audition

Sexy librarian glasses, no?Tuesday morning I drove to Universal Studios, well, around that area, like down the street, to audition for a fast food commercial.  I was dressed in a strangely put together outfit because I didn’t have access to the clothes I really wanted to wear.  $5 maroon mini skirt, mom’s tucked in cheetah tank top, and $250 tan salsa heels.  I walked into Sande Alesse Casting looking confident, said my name, and how many years I have been dancing.  They video taped my audition.  I had to be a sexy working girl who is bored in an elevator, eat a fry, and then go crazy dancing.  It was fun and I busted out my salsa moves in my salsa shoes.  Well I was up against a gorgeous clipper girl so I didn’t think I had a chance.  But I got a callback!  So yesterday I drove 30 minutes to Alyson Horne studios.  It was so hot outside!  This time I wore black pencil skirt with a black striped shirt.  Everyone thought I looked sexy: my boyfriend and even the old guy at Ralphs complimented me.

Well the audition was hilarious.  It was run by this old English guy.  When I bent my leg he said things like “Brilliant!  Look at that leg there, look how its bent, I love it!”  Then I had to dance and he wanted me to go crazier and take my hair out and whip my glasses off and hes yelling at me “Dirtier!  Now walk towards me, goood, now walk away, let me see your backside.  Look at that walk!  I love it!”

It sounds more creepy then it was.  I was laughing more then creeped out.  The commercial will run in Alabama for 16 weeks.